Pulling data from other Quantrix models

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Can I use Data link to pull information from three different Quatrix models into a fourth model in order to aggregate data from the three separate models into a single model? I recognize Datapush can push data, but I don’t have the licenses to do that. I do have one datalink license that I would like to pull the data from. Can I set up three different datalinks within a single model?




Hi Doug,

“Pulling the first time from the filter” indicates to me that the categories you are expecting the link to occur on does not have the same number of items. Quantrix will assume the category is linked between models in an inter-model formula if the name is the same and the same number of items are present.

If this does not help, please post sample model files to the forum for us to review.

Thank you,



Hie Doug

It seems that the inter-model formulas are working for you but the challenge is the filters. Try to remove filters in the source model and see how it goes. I have used inter-model formulas in that regards before.

I don’t think you can use data-link. It seems to be for database and within the model of-course. Anyway just check with Mike.


I have tried to use intermodel formulae to do the same thing I posed above, but have come up against a wall. If the source model has a filter in place on a matrix, the destination model will only pull the data from the first item in the filter. I don’t appear to be able to use the intermodel functionality to do what I would like. The question posed above still stands. Can I use Datalink to pull in information from one model into another? The datalink options, from what I can tell do not have any selection for this, although they have a means of pulling information from within a model in a flat file, which I don’t quite get.