Accessing Linear Algebra package from Quantrix

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I see reference in a post from 2008 from someone looking to interface to JAMA ([url:3w99q5gv][/url:3w99q5gv]) but it’s not clear if that project was every completed.

Does anyone have any information about plugins created to interface to linear algebra packages?



[quote="dom"]I have to compute the Eigenvector and the Eigenvalue of given Matrix in Quantrix:
– What is the simplest solution to achieve this?
– Is it possible by using the existing functions of Quantrix?
– Or is it necessary to develop a Linear Algebra plugin? Has anybody already developed this kind of plugin?
– Are there any other workarounds?

If we have to develop a Linear Algebra plugin then I will use the JAMA API ([url:3w99q5gv][/url:3w99q5gv]).

Many thanks for your hints and comments.

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