JDBC for MS Access

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Good day, just like to ask if anyone has and tried JDBC driver for MS Access?:confused:



I had the same problem because using a Mac I could not avail of the jdbc-odbc driver. I did some trials with two products, both commercial versions (about 150-250$ for a single user license)
Stels: [url:17z5j0x0]http://www.csv-jdbc.com/stels_mdb_jdbc.htm[/url:17z5j0x0]
Httx: [url:17z5j0x0]http://www.hxtt.com/access.html[/url:17z5j0x0]
The Httx seemed more functional used from Quantrix, but I cannot endorse it fully because I gave up my attempts soon and resorted to working on Access files from Windows.

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