DataNAV: model as data source

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Hi – in using datalink and datanav I notice there is one feature that datalink has that datanav does not.

I can use datalink with a 2D matrix in the current model as a data source. However, datanav does not offer this option.

Would it be possible to add in a feature whereby datanav can use any model as a datasource, and (similar to datalink) it is possible to configure a view of each matrix as a 2D table (with linked categories appearing as foreign keys between the tables)?

This would allow things like easily calculating aggregates over a category but then grouping by values in a linked matrix.


Hi – thanks for the post. Having the ability to turn a Quantrix matrix into a DataNAV data source would be quite useful. Thank you for the feedback and I will add your vote to this request in our database.

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