Future of Quantrix after Take Over?

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I just realized that Quantrix was taken over by one of their former customers IDBS which is focused on a a specific industry sector. This industry focus of the new owner raises the question to me, whether the future direction of the product will be changed much more being a special tool for the healthcare industry?

What will be the future direction and will the next release of Quantrix be postponed due to the take over?




Hi Joachim,

Thank you for your questions. Quantrix was indeed taken over by IDBS, a longtime customer, partner and investor. One of IDBS’s main products, e-Workbook, has Quantrix at its core. IDBS started out in the Life Sciences, but have since branched out into areas such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Academia and wishes to more aggressively pursue the Finance sector. At the same time, we, Quantrix, have been looking for ways to grow more rapidly to really become the leader in BMA, add resources and additional investment. With our strength in the Finance arena it seemed a natural move to combine forces. For our customers and partners not much will change as Quantrix will continue to operate as an independent business unit from headquarters in Portland, ME with the same team in place. Benefits to us will be additional resources and another potential customer base to tap into.

As for the next release, we are working hard on it and it will not be delayed.

I hope this answered your questions and concerns. Please feel free to ask further questions.

Kind regards,


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