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Dear Support

I have a Category that have the years (2003, 2004, 2005 …) and a Category Months (January, February, March, April, …, December) both are Column Categories.
I would like to know if it is possible to Collapse January and February for the year 2003 only. When I Collapse January and February the system Collapse it for all the Years.



I have selected the year 2003 plus January and February, I done Collapse and it works, in fact it just Collapse January and February of 2003.
But when I want to Expand it doesn’t appear the Expand selection. I have to Collapse January and February for all the years and then Expand.



Hello Rui – Thanks for your post…

To accomplish this, click on the 2003 year item, then press the ‘shift’ key and then click on the month items you want to collapse. This will only select the month items in the 2003 year category. Then you can collapse the items.

That should work! Post again if not…


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