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Hi all,
I’m still studying learning materials and now I need help for a formula:
when I have a revenue and I need to split it in three/four tranches, what is the formula.

€ 100.000: 10% at the order; 30% after 3 months; 60% at delivery.
Consider that I have two categories: Year, Months.



[quote="Quantrix QA":2tlptftv]Hi – here is an approach I have used with others. It sets up a calendar system to figure out the calendar month and payment months. I have attached a model demonstrating this technique.

Please review and feel free to post with any questions.[/quote:2tlptftv]
Now I have the intention to increase the granularity of this model: linking “Sales” in the “Payment Schedule” I want to differentiate the percentage and the expected month payment for each sale but when I drag the “Sales” category from the “Sales Ledger Matrix” to the Payment Schedule Matrix, it doesn’t match in the AR Schedule.

What’s wrong?

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