DataNav Qualifier issue

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Does anyone know whether it is possible to use elements utilizing Quantrix references in DataNav Qualifiers.

Let me explain:
I want my users to be able to select a forecast from a list of forecasts in a DB using the forecast name.

I then want to use DataNav to pull in the forecastparameters, for the selected forecast, so I want to use DataNav Qualifiers to select only the forecast from the datasource that matches the user-selected Forecastname.

Anyone have any ideas how to address this?


Hi – thanks for the info. I’m trying to use Datalink now, I can add conditions to the Qualifiers pane in the Datalink Wizard, but I’m not sure what syntax to use to be able to refer to a Quantrix matrix, rather than another element from the imported file.

I don’t see any info about that in the manual section 12 about Datalink. Can you give an example of such a syntax?

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