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I have a question on DataNAV (which I’ve found to be most useful):

If I have a model with DataNAV links and then subsquently the database is migrated to a new schema, e.g. new fields are added, removed, changed, primary key fields changed etc., then is there a way to adapt the model to the new schema?

At the moment, after a migration, the DataNAV pane does not reflect the new schema and it looks to me like I’d need to clear all the DataNAV links, set up the data source again, and re-link the categories and items. Obviously I’d like to avoid this if possible, but I get the feeling this is a fairly tricky problem to solve.



Thanks – the changes show up in the data source dialogs but don’t make it through to the model. At least, not in my set-up: I import only one table then this links through to another via a foreign key – if I add a field to the linked table then this does not show up via the join, but if I add the table at the top level then it does. It looks like setting up the data source again is the answer at the moment.

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