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Hi all,
I think building financial models is both an art and a tecnique; my job is a passion and I need to improve my skills ever and ever.

Is here anyone who can suggest me some books on Financial Modeling/Corporate Finance that he considered useful also
with Quantrix (and not only for Excel ;-)?



Hi Carlo,

I knew that I still had some interesting books on my Amazon wish list… 😉
I just checked them again and by doing this I followed additionaly the recommendations given by Amazon. The result is the compiled list below. I think two or three of them I made a recommendation because I think they might be very helpful (have a look for the annotations).

[*:88odrq4g]John Tjia, Building Financial Models, McGraw-Hill Finance & Investing[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Dr Michael Rees, Financial Modelling in Practice: A Concise Guide for Intermediate and Advanced Level with CD ROM (The Wiley Finance Series) (Hardcover)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Keith A. Allman, Modeling Structured Finance Cash Flows with Microsoft[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Evan Tick, Excel: A Step-by-Step Guide.Book & CD-ROM (Paperback)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Structured Finance Modeling with Object-Oriented VBA (Wiley Finance) (Hardcover) [color=”Red”]
Annotation to the last book: [i:88odrq4g]Maybe quite a bit out of fashion, politically incorrect and cyncal at the moment 😉 but certainly interesting.[/i:88odrq4g][/color][/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Keith A. Allman, Reverse Engineering Deals on Wall Street with Microsoft Excel: A Step-by-Step Guide (Wiley Finance) (Paperback)
[color=”Red”]Annotation: Well, similar like the former book…[/color][/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]William PreinitzA Fast Track To Structured Finance Modeling, Monitoring and Valuation: Jump Start VBA (Wiley Finance) (Hardcover)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Keith A. Allman, Corporate Valuation Modeling: A Step-by-Step Guide (Wiley Finance) (Paperback)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Aswath Damodaran The Dark Side of Valuation: Valuing Young, Distressed, and Complex Businesses (2nd Edition) (Hardcover)
[color=”red”]Annotion: This seems to have no direct relation to practical business modeling by showing how it it is done in Excel, but it gives you certainly some useful theoretical insights in some specialities of business modeling in the truest sense of the word. Modeling is more than technicalities and the author seems to describe this.[/color][/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Tom Y. Sawyer, Pro Excel Financial Modeling: Building Models for Technology Startups (Paperback)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Stephen G. Powell, Modeling for Insight: A Master Class for Business Analysts (Paperback)
[color=”red”]Annotation: This seems to be a very interesting book. One of the next books I probably will order.[/color][/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Elliot Bendoly, Excel Basics to Blackbelt: An Accelerated Guide to Decision Support Designs (Hardcover)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Robert T. Clemen, Making Hard Decisions with Decision Tools Suite Update Edition (Hardcover)
[color=”red”]Annotation: This also sounds interesting from a theoretical, business related perspective but also having a relation to practical usage by decision making tools.[/color][/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]S. Christian Albright, Data Analysis and Decision Making with Microsoft Excel, Revised (with CD-ROM and Decision Tools and Statistic Tools Suite) (Hardcover)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Simon Benninga, Principles of Finance with Excel: Includes CD (Hardcover)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Conrad Carlberg, Excel for Accountants: Tips, Tricks & Techniques (Paperback)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Conrad Carlberg, Business Analysis with Microsoft Excel (3rd Edition) (Paperback)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Jonathan Swan, Practical Financial Modelling, Second Edition: A guide to current practice (Paperback)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Alastair Day, Mastering Financial Modelling in Microsoft Excel: A practitioner’s guide to applied corporate finance (2nd Edition) (Paperback)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Alastair Day, Mastering Financial Mathematics in Microsoft Excel: A Practical Guide for Business Calculations (Paperback)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Alastair L. Day, Mastering Risk Modelling: A Practical Guide to Modelling Uncertainty With Microsoft Excel (Financial Times Series) (Paperback)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Mary Jackson, Advanced modelling in finance using Excel and VBA (Hardcover)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Financial Analysis and Modeling Using Excel and VBA (Wiley Finance) (Paperback)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Chandan Sengupta, Financial Analysis and Modeling Using Excel and VBA (Wiley Finance) (Paperback)[/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Gerald Knight, Analyzing Business Data with Excel [/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Bill JelenGuerilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel [/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Ivana Taylor, Bill Jelen, Excel for Marketing Managers (Excel for Professionals series) [/*:m:88odrq4g]
[*:88odrq4g]Ivana Taylor, Excel for Marketing Managers (Excel for Professionals series) (Paperback)[/*:m:88odrq4g][/list:o:88odrq4g]

Best regards,


P.S.: Will there ever be a similar list showing the topic of Business Modeling using Quantrix Modeler? 😉

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