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Hi all,
I think building financial models is both an art and a tecnique; my job is a passion and I need to improve my skills ever and ever.

Is here anyone who can suggest me some books on Financial Modeling/Corporate Finance that he considered useful also
with Quantrix (and not only for Excel ;-)?



Hi Carlo,

sorry for the long delay in reply to your last post. I had already written a reply and then – unfortunately – I lost everything before saving because I needed a certain time to prepare the list. I provided an exhaustive comment to every book. This was a mistake. Obviously the time was too long for the forum software. When I tried to post it, I needed to login again. Trying this I made a mistake (using the wrong password) and when I hit the back button, everything was lost. So I was a bit angry and needed some time to recover
😉 Sorry again.

[quote="Carlo Capasso":f2jr7tc1]…Obviously I’m very interested to read the list of books you will publish.

And here again the list – this time without comments. 😉

[*:f2jr7tc1]Michel Schlosser, Business Finance Applications, Models and Cases; Prentice Hall, 2002[/*:m:f2jr7tc1]
[*:f2jr7tc1]Michel Schlosser, Corporate Finance A Model Building Approach, 2nd edition, Prentice Hall 1992[/*:m:f2jr7tc1]
[*:f2jr7tc1]Simon Beninga, Financial Modeling, 2nd edition, 2001, MIT Press[/*:m:f2jr7tc1]
[*:f2jr7tc1]K. Scott Proctor, Building Financial Models with Microsoft Excel – A Guide for Business Professionals, Wiley 2004[/*:m:f2jr7tc1]
[*:f2jr7tc1]Wayne L. Winston, Excel 2007 Data Analysis and Business Modeling, 2007 Microsoft Press[/*:m:f2jr7tc1]
[*:f2jr7tc1]Cecilia L. Wagner, Financial Management with the Electronic Spreadsheet, Harper Collins College Publishers, 1995 [/*:m:f2jr7tc1][/list:o:f2jr7tc1]
There are some a few more in my bookshelf – unfortunately they are all in German language exclusively. Although I can see that your English language skills are pretty good (much better than mine) I guess the probability that you do speak German additionaly is understandably quite low. Why should a reasonable person learn a language like German… Therefore I would suggest, in case I am wrong with my assumption and you do indeed speak German, please let me know, then I will enhance the list accordingly.

If you do have or know some other interesting English books about Business modeling (unfortunately I do not speak Italian 😉 ) I of course would be interested to read some recommendations. By the way I will check whether I still can find some electronic papers about the modeling topic on my old hard drives… Unfortunately I lost pretty much a couple of years ago, when I was still so stupid not to make regular backups… Anyway, somewhere I might have something and will post it here.

All right Carlo, enjoy the literature (some of the books might be difficult to get nowadays, maybe by second hand only) and in case you build the one or the other model of these books using the modeler, it would be nice to read about this here.

Best regards,


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