Financial Modeling Books

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Hi all,
I think building financial models is both an art and a tecnique; my job is a passion and I need to improve my skills ever and ever.

Is here anyone who can suggest me some books on Financial Modeling/Corporate Finance that he considered useful also
with Quantrix (and not only for Excel ;-)?



[quote="Chris Drost":1gp1dxth]Guide to Business Modelling, Second Edition (Economist Series)

By John Tennent and Graham Friend

The book is not expensive (Amazon $23.07) and it covers a lot of material including the modeling process. The examples are in Excel but are easy to convert into Quantrix formulas.[/quote:1gp1dxth]

Thanks Chris; I’ve read a lot of books, especially in italian, but it’s not enough for me. AI think I must begin to look at amazon for a more variety of books.


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