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Still very much a newbie with Quantrix. Have been able to set up datalink with our accounting system and now have access to the information. If I create a datalink query to get specific data, can I go back a week, month, etc later and retrieve an update to my original query? I guess the question is, can queries generated by the datalink wizard be saved for re-use downstream?

There are some aspects to the datalink wizard that I find a bit annoying. After entering the information into the columns, tables, and qualifiers for the query, hitting the “back” button one too many times wipes out all the information entered into the various tabs to create the query. It then has to be completely re-entered. Am I missing something here? Maybe some sort of warning message would be useful to prevent stepping back too many times.




Hi – Thanks for the post. Any DataLink that is populating a matrix can be refreshed or edited at anytime downstream. Under the DataLink menu there is an update and edit menu’s for this purpose.

I will investigate the Back button issue to make sure there is not a bug in there.


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