How do we sum minutes (format issues)?

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Hi everybody!

We are working in connecting Quantrix to an outside data source (CSV file) , but we are unable to perfom some calculations

1) We need to sum up the colum “duration”. The values under this colum is “date” measured by minutes and seconds. For example, if we have only 2 values 0:07:57 and 0:02:10 we need to arrive to a result of 0:10:07. So we can use this new value to calculate others ratios sucha as average (0:05:04) etc.

2) We need to capture and separate two values from colum “date”. One value must refer only to date (30/12/09) and the orther only to the time ( 11:22). Thus, we can use separately both values to calculate others ratios sucha as number of calls per day, etc.

I have attached the file for your information. We really appreciate your comments
Great thanks


This should get you started:

Minutes = Value(Mid(Movistar, 3, 2))

Seconds = Value(Mid(Movistar, 6, 2))