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What would you like to see in the next version? Here are some things I would like to see:

Sparklines and Bullet Graphs

Smart Date Dimension

DataPush included with Quantrix Professional

DataBase add-in to allow multi-user models

Categories and Items added to the Model Browser

XMIRR function



Four wish-list items here:

1. I’d echo the request for “smart” date/time dimensions. Dealing with multiple time resolutions adds a lot of complexity to models — many extra formulas, especially for recurrence relations.

The kind of models I build may be an extreme case of this — they typically have half-hour, day, quarter, and calendar year resolution, and also need to be able to aggregate results into months and financial years — but I imagine many other users find themselves doing a lot of potentially error-prone housekeeping to deal with these issues.

2. Another way of dealing with summary items. I quite often find that I’d like to show some aggregate measure such as a sum or an average, at the bottom of a table. Unfortunately, using the built-in summary functions adds an extra item to the category that’s being summarised, which can have unwanted repercussions elsewhere in the model (e.g. changing the effect of recurrence relations in other matrices featuring the linked category — a frequent issue with date/time categories).

The work-around for this is make a separate matrix containing the summary items, and juxtapose them on a presentation canvas. This is rather messy; I can’t help thinking that there must be a cleaner way.

3. A reworking of the charting engine, its user interface, and its defaults, to produce less fussy-looking, cleaner output. Tableau is a good place to look for examples of doing things mostly right.

4. A way of seeing an overview of the structure of a model — e.g. which categories are shared by which matrices, and which way the data flows.

The first item is definitely the most pressing one — when introducing new users to Quantrix, one of the main selling points is that you only have to specify each relationship once, in one relatively simple formula. When dealing with date/time categories, however, you very quickly end up with multiple formulas and/or complex SELECT-based ones.

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