Quantrix vs Tabulus 2010

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Dear all,
this afternoon I received an email in which Diehl Technology described the “new Tabulus 2010”. Curiosity bring me to the company website where I saw the comparison with our QM.
After reading the features compared I came to the conclusion that…there is no competition!!

Quantrix is an open modeler giving the possibility to create any kind of financial structure; IMHO closed software – just like Tabulus I think is – are not ideal for professionals that need to create from zero business models.

Quantrix has a modular structure, with its Categories & Items, that give me various visualizations option.

Quantrix has no spreadsheet interface separating models component.

How can Diehl Tecnology Inc compare these two opposite worlds?

Regards by full satisfied Quantrix User.


I really believe that competition is important and Quantrix has numerous competitors to be aware of.

Tabulus was/is one of them. I tested it when it came out one year ago and I had no idea how it works. It was not intuitive and much harder to understand than Quantrix. Yes, I agree that Quantrix is not a tool for the average business users who is used to work with Excel. But it is much more cleaner and more logical than Tabulus.

By the way: The Tablus website is not available anymore. Are they out of business?



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