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Dear Quantrix staff,

planning the way you describe is very static. Of course, a kind of dynamics comes into play, once you work with an assumption matrix or you do some sensitivity analysis or what if analysis.

But sometimes a situation is much more dynamic like the current economic sitution clearly shows. Non linear effects, accelerating effects, delays and self enforcing complex cause and effect relationships between not only two or three variables (which are traditionally the limit in a planning matrix), but a complex network of different (planning relevant) variables.

As we all know, this is the original area of tools such as Powersim, Vensim, Stella, Consideo and so on to deal with. These tools are based on System Dynamcis Theory and used for special probelms.

I am discovering more and more interest in the market to get true simulation capabilities in which complex variable networks can be modeled and afterwards be simulated.

Any plans form your side to cover such kind of powerful simulation capabilities in future in Quantrix? Also interesting for Risk Management (based on Monte Carlo simulation functionality).

Kind regards,


Gilbert Answered question December 16, 2022

This is an old post, but since it can still be found on google, I want to add this:

If you are interested in Stoachstic simulation in Quantrix, you should take a look at this post:

Monte-Carlo-Simulation in Quantrix


Gilbert Answered question December 16, 2022
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