DataNav issues – ‘Unique’ counts

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I’ve been using DataNav for a couple of days. I like the overall tool very much, but I have a few observations and questions:

Biggest issue:
1. Is there any way to count unique dataentries? Say I have a salesdatabase containing all the orderline data per productsegment, and I’m parsing the information, I’d like to be able to see how many different articles were sold in that segment (in a given period). If I use count “Articlenumbers”, it gives me the total number of order lines again. I could envisage a workaround for this, but it would require setting Articlenumbers as a category (next to productsegment), which suddenly blows up my table to huge proportions. I can then use summarization techniques to get to the answer, but this is too cumbersome in my opinion.

Any hints or suggestions to tackle this?

Observations (thinks you might consider for a next release)
1. Apparently no support for extracting the median of a dataset. There is support for totals, averages and variances, but not the median. This would be especially handy when I’m still ‘exploring’ the dataset.
2. No support to automatically cluster date-time variables in quarters (years and months are supported). Not a biggie, as it was easy to figure out a workaround (using monthly distribution, and having a separate table ‘accumulate’ the months per quarter). Having said that, I’d still like to have the ability to use quarters directly.


I’ve added an example of the kind of output I’m looking for.
I can think of many situations where you want Datanav to dissect the information, providing also indication of the quantities of relevant subsegments, such as articles, orders when extracting info from a base dataset consisting of for example salesrecords at the orderline level.

Of course you could address it by ‘fixing’ the issue on the DB-side, but this would require a business user to learn more about SQL (or other tools). Datanav’s attractiveness is that business users don’t have to go there.


Thank you for your post. On your question… could you delete the Productsegment category and make Articlenumbers the category? Then count Productsegments? You could have 2 different matrices… one for each way you want to look at the date so it does not make things to large.

I may not be understanding your question correctly… please let me know if not.

Good feedback points. I have logged in our database for future release consideration.