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Hi. I have downloaded Quantrix Modeler 3.5 for Mac OSX (v. When you select an item in a matrix and press “=” formula editing isn’t activated (I use an Italian keyboard). The same bug occurred in the beta version for Windows that I tried at the recent Amsterdam seminar.


[quote="lerzegov":1spo8xpz]In the Italian keyboard to the right of [0 =] key, I have a [‘ ?] key which is also the = key for the numeric keyboard (There is an ‘=’ in the low right part of the key).
I press [fn] [‘ ?] and get an = that activates formula insert mode.
The “Shift =” key combination does not trigger formula insertion when using an Italian keyboard. I presumed this was a mac specific problem. Unluckily, it occurs in Windows, too, and you cannot avail of the workaround described in the quote here above.
Mike, please, try to spot the problem because stumbling on this glitch whenever you insert a formula is frustrating.
Thanks in advance.

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