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Hi. I have downloaded Quantrix Modeler 3.5 for Mac OSX (v. When you select an item in a matrix and press “=” formula editing isn’t activated (I use an Italian keyboard). The same bug occurred in the beta version for Windows that I tried at the recent Amsterdam seminar.


Thanks Mike. Actually I use Quantrix on both Windows and Mac (very useful) so you’re not wrong. I think you’ve identified another problem then — no copy and paste as vector graphics on the mac!

Rather than the copy function, maybe a “Export chart as…” option would be better, so users could save charts to file as e.g. png, wmf, or svg etc.? Probably easier to get consistent behaviour across platforms this way.

On a related note, I’m not too sure about the 3.5 chart legend arrangement — if I copy and paste, the legend is of course now not copied. Why not include the 3.1 options and have 4 options for the legend placement: none; vertical; horizontal; separate?


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