Help!! select function nightmare

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Its too late at night for my tired eyes to spot my problem here – can anyone help? Luca you gave me some good pointers last week but I cant seem to repeat them.

Why does equation 2 in matrix ‘Bottled Stock on Hand” in the “Test” model [b:34llxylw]work [/b:34llxylw]whereas equation 2 in matrix ‘Bottled Stock on Hand” in the JTW COGS model gives a “#size” error.

I cant see it – can some fresh eyes point me in the right direction.




This is a puzzler. I got it to work by inserting an item called “Vintage” into the Bottled Stock On Hand matrix (it’s identical to Vintage on the Bottling Plan matrix) and using the following formula. Why I have to do this (and why your formula doesn’t work) is still a mystery.

Closing Stock $ = Open Stock $+(‘Bottling Plan (12×750)’::Cases * SKU Assumptions::’Total $/9L case’) USING Vintage AS SKU Assumptions::Vintage

The new Vintage item has this formula:

Vintage = ‘Bottling Plan (12×750)’::Vintage

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