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Is there an ability to apply conditional formats to cells depending on the value of a cell in another matrix? The formulas I’m looking at using will need to utilise a select function.
No problems to implement conditional formats based on data within the matrix I’m applying the format to. But having problems getting the input box to accept the formulas I’ve been trying to write that take data from outside the current matrix. The syntax required for a conditional format formula appears to be a little different to std. Quantrix formulas.

Does anyone have any insights on this?



I’ve generally found that a formula that works in the matrix will also work in conditional formatting. One way to test this is to add an item to the matrix that contains the formula you want to use in conditional formatting. When you have something that works, copy it to the conditional formatting function box.

Note that any reference to the current cell (the one holding the conditional formatting) is a single colon : . E.g., ISBLANK( : ) means that it will format if the currently selected range is blank. Other than that the functions seem identical to normal ones.

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