Importing complex data from flat file

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Is there anything in Quantrix to help me import a delimited file with data spread around the file.

Is there any mechanism for specifying where to start import from (line number) and where to finish (line number).

Can I merge data from one file with data from another during the import?

Can I specify area of data to import from the file?

Thanks Andrew


Hi – Thanks for the post.

You can skip a number of rows (up to 10) but there is not a mechanism to tell it where to finish.

There is no in-line merge of text files during an import… but a text file could be imported into “Matrix1″… then a new text file with the same name could be put in place and be imported into “Matrix1”.

If you open the file in a spreadsheet… you can select the range of data you want to import and then “Name” the range in Excel. This named range becomes available for the DataLink routine. This may solve your start and stop line number issues as well.

Feel free to contact [email:1t9rxo2u][/email:1t9rxo2u] if you need further assistance. We can set up an on-line meeting to walk through the process if desired.