Modifying the Result of indirect()

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Is it possible to use indirect() to return a matrix and then select a specific item or category from that matrix in a formula?

Basically I want to use a directory table to determine which matrix to use (in this case monthly accounting data returned from our accounting system). Every time I run the reports, it creates a new matrix (balance sheet dec, balance sheet jan, etc,).

I want to use indirect() to determine which matrix to use and then access different items from that matrix in various formulas. Something like indirect(directory table::month)::Total Cash:Amount. But that gives me a syntax error. It seems I can only do this if I specify the specific item in the directory table.



Yes I believe you can do that if I understand the question correctly. You can basically join two strings together to grab the matrix / month combination desired. I mocked up an example in the attached model file. Check it out and let me know if this works for you use case.


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