value(@data) for columns???

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I’m sure there’s a way to do this:

without adding a formula for each column!

This is my first ‘working’ model, after messing around with Quantrix for a couple of days. It took some time in a hot bath to rethink the approach, which I think I’m starting to understand 😉

I want to be able to add any number of “number of copies” items in the data category in the main matrix, and have a single formula throughout.


Just occurred to me to try this:
’50’ .. ‘300’= cost_per_piece*value(@data) + Assumptions::D1:Setup_per_color*Assumptions::colors + (value(@data)/Assumptions::prints_per_hour )*Assumptions::press_rate_per_hour

which seems to work, but I expect it’s still sort of hacky, with the “value(@data)”

Tips much appreciated!


I would remove the first two items in that dimension (“pieces_per” and “cost_per_piece”) to a different matrix. Then you would have the “number of copies” alone in their own dimension, and you could change your formula to reference their category name, rather than each item name.

I usually try to make sure that items in a dimension really belong together… in this case, the first two items are really assumptions about the matrix, and ’50’ and ‘100’ are a different type of data, so they belong in their own category or matrix.


Oops, sorry, this probably should have been posted in the Formulas forum…

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