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Hi, I’m having trouble developing a plugin that uses external libraries located in a jar archive. Following the “Hello World” tutorial, could someone indicate how I can include a jar in the Eclipse project and have this exported into the plugin so that Quantrix and my class can find it?

I have tried a number of combinations, all ending with both my class and the jar archive included in the plugin jar, but Quantrix complains either of not finding the third party jar or not finding my class!



lerzegov – Yes, your understanding is correct. However, I didn’t use the BSF in the plugin, rather I just hit the jython libraries directly.

What I have done however is access the BSF when I’m in the quantrix/jython shell, and run a few commands in the Mozilla Rhino engine as an example. I imagine that it wouldn’t take much to connect this to the Quantrix objects and then run any BSF supported script this way.

dom – I’ve sucessfully added new functions to Quantrix via the jython shell — it’s fairly easy, though there is a little boilerplate (which probably could be autogenerated by some jython code). I’ve also got a quick “goal-seek” tool running, something certainly needed in Quantrix!

At the moment, the plugin is just a shell, but I’m developing this into something more full featured. This is for my own requirements at present, but if there is sufficient interest I would certainly consider releasing it.

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