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Hi, I’m having trouble developing a plugin that uses external libraries located in a jar archive. Following the “Hello World” tutorial, could someone indicate how I can include a jar in the Eclipse project and have this exported into the plugin so that Quantrix and my class can find it?

I have tried a number of combinations, all ending with both my class and the jar archive included in the plugin jar, but Quantrix complains either of not finding the third party jar or not finding my class!



if I understand correctly, you have developed a plugin providing a command shell form which you can execute Jython commands and procedures from inside quantrix. I suppose you have used Java BSF (bean scripting framework). Given the availability of various scritping languages for java (i.e. Groovy, Jython, Ruby) it would be nice to have configurable scripting support as a generalized feature of Quantrix. Maybe you could share some of your experience in this thread: [url:lzqe1p0c][/url:lzqe1p0c]

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