Scripting Language for Quantrix

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Excel has VBA and Lotus Imrpov had Lotus Script to allow the user to develop their own functions, functionality and automation to Excel/Lotus Improv.

I would appreciate it vey much if we could have scripting in Quantrix as well in one of the future versions. What about a scripting language called QuantScript (or QScript) based on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and the Quantrix API? Or you could use Groovy or Scala.

Using the Quantrix API with Java and Eclipse is ok for professional software developers but too complex and time consuming for an average business power user.

I believe this would increase the acceptance of Quantrix in the market.

What do you think?

Many thanks for reading this post.


I am on vacation until July 30, 2008. So I apologize in advance for my delayed replies to your posts.


I agree that this is an important step for Quantrix. This is probably the single largest impediment to Quantrix adoption in our organization, where many analysts make extensive use of Excel VBA to automate processes and interface with other Office products.

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