New user with an idea

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I did my first business plan on visicalc and the next one
on wingz. I found out about Quantrix from owning a NeXT
and bought it to learn and do a business plan with. That
‘proper people’ did a naff one on excel hardly lessened my
enthusiasm for Quantrix. They fought for their assumptions
(which were the naff bit) rather than want to change them
so it all went phut.

That’s just a quick intro. I am a learner with big ideas. I want
to do sane and meaningful presentations of google analytics
on Quantrix, to give the plethora of fascinating info a Q&A feel.
The way to give execs and marketing gurus an insight of the
actual meaning (and what you can then DO about it) of the figs
and views that abound on Google analytics and google Web optimiser.

I have waded around – we have it running on my site that
is already high on google. 4th generally –
It’s a sickeningly large amount of information and leaves you
in a very academic non-action mood.

What I want to do is team up with someone who knows more
than I do with the time to go through and ask questions – then
work out how to show the answers off best – hopefully but not
always adding value with corrective or enhancing action plan.

This would be a great tool for anyone interested to see how the
site is doing. Like all good inventions (walkman and ipod) they
were built on a ‘why not’ foundation for da boss. I want to find
some ‘bosses’ who desire a tool like this for themselves. Like me.

Hope to hear back


Jackie Mackay