Import text delilited files

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In 2.4 version, I built a model with
Year/Week/Datas/Employee categories
I used to import weekly text delimited files.
The datalink proposed to me to add a new week at each import and it was ok.

In 3.0 version the same model and datalink doesn’t add a week but new items in Datas category.

Have you a solution for me ?

Many thanks


Thank you for posting – Without the data files, I am not sure I can give you a complete answer.

Initially, I would suggest inspecting the 3.0 DataLink configuration (Tools > DataLink > Edit DataLink) and make any needed corrections.

I can probably give you a more informative answer if you forward the Quantrix model files and .csv files to [email:3uwm4zog][/email:3uwm4zog].