Charts won’t import onto canvas

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The existing charts in my model are not visible for either the Insert Canvas Table View or the Insert Canvas Chart View dialog boxes. The User manual says that existing charts should be visible from the Insert Table View dialog box but they are not. (Page 260).


Yes – If you get into Layout Mode on the canvas. Right Click and choose Chart > Show Table View you will expose the underlying view that controls the chart presentation. This view acts like any other view, in that it is linked structurally to the matrix it was created from. So any cell or item changes, additions and deletions will update the chart.



Thanks Mike. The copy and paste works but is the graph live or static?



Just guessing here, but the confusion might be with opening 2.4 files in 3.0.

2.4 charts open in 3.0 in a presentation canvas…. not in a chart view. The reasoning was that the application needed to preserve any annotations (titles, lines, shapes etc) and all that functionality moved to the presentation canvas.

With ‘new’ 3.0 models, users can create chart views, and then place those individual chart views onto the canvas.

You should be able to just copy and paste chart views from canvas to canvas if desired.

does that make sense?


Could you provide the file? I will then take a look at it.