Change the Number Format in an imported Catagory

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Dear all,

I have copy & pasted a table of data from an csv file opened in Excel to via the Tools -> Data Link -> Import from Clipboard.

Data source is Google Finance:

I changed the data format for the date column to ‘Date’ and the Data Link Wizard shows the correct format of the date colunn. Then I choose ‘Two dimensional Matrix’ and check ‘use first column as row names’. Then I click ‘Finish’.

The data is imported but the dates are either in the format ‘39552’ or ’31-Mar-08′. The latter one is ok the first one is not. How can I change the formating of the dates even it is a category?

I have the attached the necessary files to reproduce these steps.
Quantrix Version: 3.0.

Many thanks for your help!




Thank you very much for your help!
Your hint is very useful.


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