Difficulty to link with Access Database

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I want to import data from an Access database through the datalink tool.
I try two ways working:
First way
Driver : ODBC Database connection
URL : ODBC via Data Source Name
Data source name : a data source name what I defined with standard Windows ODBC links manager (Access driver/Database name…)
Test connection is OK

Second way
Driver : ODBC Database connection
URL : Microsoft Access File
Microsoft Access File : My database
Test connection is OK

Twice ways I can choose fields but when I click “next” I receive the message
[Microsoft][Pilote ODBC Microsoft Access] Too few parameters. 2 needed

Can you help me?

Sorry for the english but I am a french user.


Hi -Thanks for your post:

Its possible that your SQL statement has double-quotes in it to escape some special characters. You may want to try to change these to single quotes as noted in this forum post:


It seems that the Access ODBC driver likes single quotes better. You can access the SQL in the SQL pane of the DataLink wizard.

Let us know if this helps you out.


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