Import data from excel

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Is it possible to import data from excel files ? how ?


Hello – Thank you for your post:

With 1.0, we don’t have a direct import of .xls files (Excel). We find that the structure of an Excel file can often be quite different than how the same model would be structured in Quantrix. Therefore, we decided not to take on an Excel import with the 1.0 version of the product. It is still a possibility with future versions.

However, there are a couple of things you can check out to make your conversion process easier.

1. Take a look at the modeler note on converting spreadsheets into Quantrix models:


This will give you some good hints and techniques on getting spreadsheet data and structure into Quantrix.

2. You can save any Excel file as a .csv file, and then import this .csv file into Quantrix either as a 2D flat file or a 3D multidimensional file. The 3D import is designed for extracts from multidimensional databases. You can see the options by choosing File –> Import from the menu.

We will soon have a modeler note on the site that goes into these import subjects in more detail, but for the time being you can check out the end of Chapter 10 in the Quantrix Modeler manual (available in PDF form on the product download page) for some more specific instructions.

Please feel free to email [email:2i8tc97c][/email:2i8tc97c] if you need more specific help with your import needs.