Representing 0 as a hyphen

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How do I get Quantrix to enter a symbol such as a hyphen or a period instead of entering a zero value for the result of some formula?


We are aware of this issue and it appears to be caused by having an older version of the Lato font installed on your machine. You can work- around this issue by either uninstalling the Lato font or by installing the most recent version from here:

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I thought about creating a new thread, but decided to use this one as it aptly applies and will make it easier for future searches if this same question arises.

I’m using Version 6.4.1 and I’m having a difficult time in making my zeros be hyphens.

What am I not doing? See attachment.




Thank you for the useful hint!



You could also apply the accounting alignment format to the cell. Format > Number, and check off the Accounting Alignment check box. That will enter a “-” for zero’s.




I have played around with one idea but it is far away from being perfect:
Create a formula that is eclipsing all previous formulas in your matrix. In this example, the formula is:
Product = IF(Month[THIS]= 0, “-“,Month[THIS])

The issue is that it is involved in one more circular references what might be an issue.

I have attached the sample file.
As I said, not the perfect solution but perhaps a base for better ideas.
Another idea is to use color coding with conditional formating.