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Hi there,

I am trying to use index formulas to pull in data for a category that is essentially as sub-set of another category, but not linked.


Matrix1::Year1 – items 1980 – 2030
Matrix2::Year2 – items 2002 – 2011

Formula to pull in data from Matrix 1:

Matrix2::Year2 = Matrix1::Year1[#Matrix2:Year2 + 22]

I then get an error that says [b:27ht80yb]Syntax error after ‘[‘[/b:27ht80yb]. Does this mean that the index formula only accepts fixed/constant values, or can it accept a formula that returns a value? If so, what am I doing wrong?




I don’t think Quantrix allows you to put variables like #Matrix2:Year2 inside the brackets []. It has to be one of the keywords like FIRST, PREV and then a constant like +2.

If I understand your problem you’ll need to have some lookup key, like a year sequence, to do what you’re trying to accomplish.

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