Tiring on the eye…

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While working on my first (quite!) serious Quantrix model, I felt my eyes glazing over when dealing with long tables with different formulae active on each line! For example, a detailed profit and loss statement has that structure.

I think the problem is that all the lines appear relentlessly, one after the next, without any spacing. It’s tiring to keep track of where you are while moving up and down the page (because you have to read some of the detail to see where you are).

I tried making some lines (like totals) bold. I tried using the (rather narrow) line spacers provided in the line formatting section. This helps a bit, but not very much.

Is there any way to insert blank “non-items” in a category that appear on the screen but are not items in the category (and therefore do not affect formulae at all)? This would allow the user to break up the page visually, making for less tiring work.




One other thing Philip, are you grouping your like items together? Using groups can help structure the model visually. Once grouped, you can then change your view of the model to Outline Mode, (View –> Outline) in the menu can help with the visual presentation.

Check out the Integrated Financial Statements model on our Template page to check out a sample of a similar model to what you are working on.


You might get some tips on model formatting here.



Hi Phillip,

Excellent point and one that has been raised off-forum by other Quantrix customers and trial users. Having an option to have a blank formatting item is something that would be quite useful.

One way some users have gotten around this is by creating an item called ‘—‘ and used that item as the line spacer you are talking about. Of course, you cannot have any two items along one category be the same name, so you have to change the length of the item name ‘—-‘ for each spacer you build. Not ideal, but could work in some situations.

Excellent feedback. Thank you!