"Paste Link" to Excel spreadsheet


I’m exploring the ability to copy a Quantrix view and “paste link” into Excel. This will be very useful because it allows us to dump data into Excel from Quantrix without having to go through the export process. Plus, it updates just by opening the Excel file.

When I paste an entire view into Excel, it works fine. However, I can also copy a single cell and paste link into Excel. This gives me an #N/A error in Excel. Any ideas? The formula in Excel looks like it is referencing the correct part of the matrix.


Martina, are you pasting the entire matrix or just a selection? I know the latter has never worked correctly in my Excel setup, but I’m still in Office 2003.

One thing to try is to enter the formula editor again (just click in the formula) and hit enter… sometimes this triggers Excel to fix the link.

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