QAPI with Eclipse 3.3: Question on the HelloWorld Example

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I have a rather silly question:
After following all the steps in the HelloWorld example pdf file I get several error messages (see attached file ‘java messages.txt’.

“java.lang.InstantiationException: QAPI.plugin.actions.IAction”
I know that I can’t instantiate an abstract class or an interface. Where can I find this bug?

Any feedbacks and tips are very much appreciated.


Used System:
Quantrix Modeler 2.4
Eclipse 3.3
Windows XP – SP2


After working through the Hello World Example three times I have found my bug. Everything is ok in the Hello World pdf file. I have missunderstood the following line in the section “Wire up the new class to Quantrix in the plugin.xml file” on page 3:

“9)a.i. Click the Browse… button and select your IAction class”

I selected the IAction interface of the QAPI instead my own class which implements the IAction interface. That’s all.