Activating Quantrix on Windows Vista:

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A few users have reported issues when activating Quantrix on Windows Vista. The symptom is that Quantrix appears to activate successfully, but when Quantrix is launched again it requires to be activated again.

To resolve this, please do the following:

– Navigate to the Quantrix installation directory – typically c:program filesquantrix modeler
– Find the [b:2uspwn5d]Quantrix Modeler.exe[/b:2uspwn5d] file and [b:2uspwn5d]right click [/b:2uspwn5d]on it.
– Choose [b:2uspwn5d]Run as Administrator[/b:2uspwn5d]. This will launch Quantrix in administrator mode
– Try the activation again.

Contact [email:2uspwn5d][/email:2uspwn5d] for further assistance.