Importing Web Table?

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I am a user of the Standard edition and import my data locally without problem. However, I was looking at the baseball html demo and was wondering if it is possible to import external web tables? …or if not is there a simple method to import the data without parsing the actual source?

I tried a couple searches but didn’t come up with much. I have a feeling this would involve Datalink and SOAP but I’m not sure.

This is only to satisfy my football curiosity so it’s not priority one, but it may even kick me up to the Pro upgrade if it is simple enough. Thanks in advance.


Hello – thanks for your post:

We don’t have a way to directly import contents of a web page. I have heard this request before, and I have added your vote to this item in our database.

Typically the DataLink import works with Databases, Excel Files, CSV Files, SOAP and XML data sources.

You can certainly feel free to download the trial version of the professional edition to see if it meets your needs. We can supply you with a trial key for the evaluation. Contact [email:rqrcbsk1][/email:rqrcbsk1] to obtain the trial serial number.

Thank you for your support of Quantrix.