data import problem

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I have implemented autmating of datalink but still I am not able to find out how to —-

1) Delete content of existing category before loading the data instead of directly importing it. The problem is if my model already contains item in a category then when I import new data into same cateory its getting added into existing category. I would rather like to first delete selective items from category and then import.

2)Another problem is:
[b:axces6cn]Category–Year[/b:axces6cn] [color=””blue””][b:axces6cn]Actual[/b:axces6cn][/color] [color=””Red””][b:axces6cn]Predicted[/b:axces6cn] [/color]
[color=””Blue””]2001 2002 2003 2004[/color][color=””red””] 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009[/color]

I want to import a category called year..but during import I want to group them as “”Actual”” and “”Predicted””..instead of directly importing it into category “”Year””. How should the configuration HashMap being made to solve this problem.

Looking for your reply.