Suggestions for Excel exports


I’ve recently sent some exports in Excel format to a client. It’s a very useful facility, but there were a couple of things I had to do to the Excel file manually before I was happy with its readability and usability:

1. Increase the column widths and/or row heights slightly, to prevent word-wrapping causing some of the cell contents to be hidden outside the cell and “######” appearing in some numeric cells. This happened even though the cells were fine in Quantrix and in the HTML export — see the attached screenshot for how part of the sheet looked initially. (Green blobs cover confidential data.)

2. Set “Freeze Panes” on each sheet, so that the row labels will remain visible when scrolling horizontally. (Clearly this can’t be done for column labels, due to there often being multiple cross-sections through the matrix stacked vertically on the one worksheet, but being able to see the row labels at least is helpful.)

I think it is necessary to do these things before sending a file to a client, not only so that it looks good initially, but also because clients can’t be relied upon to figure out how to unprotect the worksheets so that they can make such changes themselves.

It struck me that it could get a bit tedious doing this by hand to every export, so it would be great if you could consider some tweaks along these lines to the default export settings.

Cheers, Paul.