Improvement to constrained input feature?

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I’ve just tried to use the constrain input feature, where the input constraint is a list taken from category item names.

In my case, all the items in the category are grouped. What I’d really like to do is constrain the input to the group names, rather than the individual item names. (Context: the items are staff members, the groups are types of staff members — e.g. where they’re based, and the constrained field is used to indicate which type of staff is needed to service the contract in question. The aim is to forecast the numbers of each type of staff the business needs in the each year under various scenarios.)

Tantalisingly, when I selected the category in the dialogue box, with the radio-button set to “Use list from: Category item names”, the list box under “User defined list” showed the group names. However, when I switched to the user defined list, it was repopulated with the actual item names.

If you could make it possible to use the group names, that would be great. An even better feature (but obviously a huge amount of work) would be to allow explicitly for fields acting as links (rather than text fields which are simply constrained on input) — this way, you could rename the groups without breaking the associations.

I hope that makes sense. I hope you don’t mind the copious feedback — I’m enjoying finding new ways of working!

Cheers, Paul.


Excellent post and feedback Paul. Thanks and keep it coming!