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I’m currently evaluating the Quantrix software. I have to project cashflows for financial products where these cashflows all start at different points in time (start) and they all have their own unique lifespan (duration).

This leaves me with three different dimensions/categories:
1) Duration of any particular product (say each financial product lasts 60 months)
2) Start time (say you would sell these products between months 1 and 24)
3) Time (months) = Start (months) + Duration (months) – 1

It is the addition of the last dimension (which is functionally related to the other two) that causes my confusion in Quantrix. The issue is that cashflows that exist in the core model/matrix can be affected by any of the above three categories/dimensions.

How is this best handled in Quantrix?



Hi Sam,

I have several models with similar problems: items that start in different weeks and have different durations. Rather than try to make all three categories you mentioned, I would suggest creating two base categories:

1. Cash Flow (a list of cash flows)
2. Week (this would include all weeks, covering all cash flows)

You would then use formulas to place each cash flow in its appropriate weeks. I have done this in most of my models and it seems to work best.

I’ve attached an example based on the information you provided.


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