Any way to turn formula evaluation off ?

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I am trying the demo version of Quantrix. It looked good at first sight, so I went ahead and exported one of my biggest Improv models (8Mb, about 300 formulas, cells in the 10000’s), and imported it in Quantrix, to see if it would take the load…

I use the French version of Improv, and was not too surprised to see that a number of functions did not match, as well as decimal separators and special characters issues. Nothing too surprising, really, although it would be nice if something could be done.

So I decided to make the corrections manually. They are quite simple really, ‘;’ becoming ‘,’, [PREC] becoming [PREV], consultation becoming lookup… The real problem is, the model recomputes everything everytime I correct a formula, and this is blocking : I MUST wait until it has finished before correcting the next one, and that takes more than 60 seconds for a lookup… and I have about 100 of those to change ! Improv, on the other hand, didn’t block everything when recomputing his cells, and that was nice.

Is there any way to tell Quantrix to not compute until I am ready for him to do so ?



Calculation override has been addressed with the new release of Quantrix Modeler 1.1 Professional Edition. Please see the support page on for download instructions.

Thank you for this suggestion!



Sounds good! Let me know if any other issues arise…



Ok, in principle, it works, even with global search and replace. Turning ‘;’ into ‘,’ is a bit tricky, since there are legitimate ‘;’ in the XML file, but I’m sure I’ll get it right with a little more work…

If my company does make the switch from Improv to Quantrix, I suppose I’ll write a XML parser (or even a Improv text file parser) to automate all this, it shouldn’t be too difficult…

But first, I must finish testing Quantrix :)


Thank you, I’ll try that.


Hello Emmanuel – Thanks for your post!

Please be advised that in our next release we will have a manual recalculate option that will allow you to recacluate your model only when you specify. We expect this release to be available in the April – 2004 time frame.

A possible workaround for our 1.0 version is to export your model to XML. (Choose File –> Export off the menu, and XML as a file type). You can then edit your XML document in a text editing program.

You will see your formulas in the XML much like this format:

<formulae count=”1″>

You can then edit all of the formula changes you need to make at once, the re-import the XML file back into Quantrix. (Choose File –> Import off the menu, and XML as a file type.)

Of course, it is advisable to save aside a backup copy of your file prior to doing this.

Let me know if this works out for you!