Index / Match Formula?

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I am trying to replicate the Excel functionality of using an INDEX / MATCH formula.

I have a Quantrix matrix with rows, columns, and data in the middle (three categories). I want to look up a data value based on two different criteria, one from the row and one from the column.

In Excel I could accomplish this using an INDEX / MATCH. I would use two MATCH formulas to find the row and column that satisfy my criteria, then use INDEX to pinpoint the intersection of that row and column.

Quantrix has the MATCH formula but not INDEX. Any ideas on how this could be accomplished?


Here’s an interesting twist…

USING / AS worked great for the exact matches. However, the MATCH formula can also be used to find the first instance where something exceeds the desired number. Can I employ the USING / AS function in the same manner?

If the user types a number that isn’t exactly represented by a dimension, then the current USING / AS function returns a blank.

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