Quantrix vs Excel Pivot Tables

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I’m a new Quantrix Customer, and an Improv user for 10 years!

I have a general question: Can you tell me what I would say to someone if they said what Quantrix can do can also be done with Pivot tables in Excel?


Hi Nick,

Thanks for your question and welcome as a new Quantrix customer!

As for the difference between Excel pivot tables and Quantrix I would say:

1) ease of use – Excel pivot tables are not that easy to set up whereas Quantrix is (the structure is already there)

2) to use a pivot table in Excel the data should be in a data table format. But one does not normally model in a data table format. Imagine modeling a 5 year P&L plan across multiple business units and operating scenarios in a data table format.

3) the ability to build on data you are working with – in Quantrix Modeler it is easy to enter/add new data, perform calculations and have that all immediately in the “pivot table”- like environment which is native to Quantrix.

I hope this helps. Let me know in case you have any other questions.

Kind regards,