Database Drivers to Use with Quantrix

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Hello Forum Community,

Many of you have asked which specific drivers can be used when using Quantrix DataLink to connect to outside data sources. Since Quantrix is a Java application, it is best to use Java based JDBC drivers when possible.

Here is a list of database drivers we have successfully used internally. For JDBC drivers, you can install the jar file via [b:um6j6yp0]Tools > Options > Database (JDBC)[/b:um6j6yp0]. Most ODBC drivers have an installation program that can be run to set up the driver.

[b:um6j6yp0][u:um6j6yp0]MySQL[/u:um6j6yp0][/b:um6j6yp0] – MySQL Connect J 5.0 which can be found at this URL:


[b:um6j6yp0][u:um6j6yp0]Oracle[/u:um6j6yp0][/b:um6j6yp0] – Oracle provides JDBC drivers which can be found at this URL:


[b:um6j6yp0][u:um6j6yp0]SQL Server & Sybase[/u:um6j6yp0][/b:um6j6yp0] – JTDS is a free open source JDBC driver that can be used to connect to these Databases. You can find the JTDS driver at this URL:


[b:um6j6yp0][u:um6j6yp0]Quickbooks[/u:um6j6yp0][/b:um6j6yp0] – QODBC offers a ODBC driver for sale that connects with Quickbooks. More information on this driver can be found at this URL:


[b:um6j6yp0][u:um6j6yp0]Text Files[/u:um6j6yp0][/b:um6j6yp0] – The windows operating system has an ODBC driver that allows Quantrix to connect to a directory of .csv text files. This driver is not installed by default but can be installed via:

[b:um6j6yp0]Control Panel > Administrative Tools > ODBC Data Sources[/b:um6j6yp0].

[b:um6j6yp0][u:um6j6yp0]MYOB[/u:um6j6yp0][/b:um6j6yp0] – The MYOB installation comes with an ODBC driver. After installing MYOB, this driver can be added to your system via:

[b:um6j6yp0]Start > Programs > MYOB Premier 9 > MYOB Tools > MYOB ODBC[/b:um6j6yp0]

If anyone else in the forum community has successfully used a JDBC or ODBC driver to connect to a database, please feel free to post the information in this thread.


Hi James I have quantrix 4 running on win 7 64 bit no issues.

Mike Locascio here

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