Wildcards in categories in a formula

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I have a model where the category values are subject to change based on what is brought back from a datalink. For instance:

1. The category name is “Resource”.
2. The descriptor (cell?) within that category is “Ethernet Extreme 1GB” this week, but next week it could be “Ethernet Extreme 1GB II”.

I would like to make a formula that could address that category cell regardless of what it might change to, for instance using a wildcard:

“Ethernet Extreme%”

Is there a way to do that?



Vince, I built a quick model using the Find function. I am assuming that your descriptor cell is the item name. I used the @ function as well. You can obviously use a reference instead of the “extreme” that I used. Also, Find is case sensitive. Based on a non-#value result you would be able tell if the string is contained in the item name.